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With all military name tapes and name plates we guarantee your order will be custom-made, completed and shipped out within just 24 business hours. We know how important your time is and want to ensure each customer receives a quality finished product fast.

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US Army Name Tapes & Tags

ACU Army name tapes are professionally embroidered and made to order. We also offer quality engraved name plates for dress uniform wear. Remember, we aren’t just limited to the Army and make regulation name plates & name tapes for Marines, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard too. Choose your pattern, enter your name and place your order!

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MilSpec US Army Uniform Tailoring Services

Did you know we have a dedicated crew of tailoring experts? Order a complete MultiCam or ACU Digital uniform, MultiCam or ACU Digital patrol cap (complete with sewn rank badge and name tape), or select from a full list of dress uniform tailoring services. Learn More